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Done with this BS, onto the MS

My undergraduate years have come to an end and might I say what an adventure it has been. The four years I have spent at Arizona State University proved to be quite the catalyst for my mental development as I had the opportunity to partake in new experiences ranging from playing intramural basketball with friends to leading ASU's Artificial Intelligence Club as the President.

From having late night meetings, to debugging code for hours, to creating business and management presentations; the projects and study material transitioned my thinking pattern from a reactive persona into a proactive entity. Although I seem to have developed a proper work ethic now, my initial stance and performance in academia was most definitely not stellar. Responsibility, organization, and adaptability were all skills I did not possess as a freshman which was prominent within my grades. I had a hard time prioritizing school as I did not realize how strongly my classes would impact my career and future development.

It was not until my Sophomore year when I started to take academics seriously. During this time, I was encouraged by a few of my peers to get involved in student organizations and explore any interests that I may have. Fast forward a week later after submitting numerous applications for officer positions in these organizations, I was appointed as the Secretary of ASU's Artificial Intelligence Club. This was the first time I would partake in an organizational committee that was directly related to my field of interest.

During my time as secretary, I worked with undergraduate and graduate students who had the determination and mindset to utilize the most of their degree for the assurance of a promising career. Observing the variety of AI/ML projects they have worked with and their numerous academic accolades, I was taken aback by my lack of achievements. However, it was not their awards or projects that had inspired me, but their intense work ethic and laser focus determination.

Working with this team of achieved scholars inspired me to prioritize learning new material and to embrace failure. As Elon Musk once said, "Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough." Repeating this quote as my daily mantra motivated me to partake in new opportunities and to strive for success, despite the numerous failures I will encounter. As a result of this growth mindset, I was able to achieve many great things during my remaining undergraduate years that I will continue to blog about in future posts. If you have kept up with me so far, I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to hear about my introduction and I look forward to communicating with you from here on out.

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